This site is designed as a reference site for anyone wishing to walk any of the routes described.  All of the routes have been walked, and not just taken off the map (sounds obvious, but I thought I’d better point it out). 

I hope that you find this site useful, and that it inspires you to walk some of the routes described.  Most of the walks are around suffolk and Cumbria, as this is where I have lived.  If there are any other walks that you have done and enjoyed (or not) send me details via the contact form, and if I decide to walk them, they will be featured on this site.

Also, if any rights of way have changed, or you come accross any obstructions during your walk that you think other readers should know about, please let me know, and I’ll include them at the end of the description.

Most of the walks have their own photo’s page via the links at the bottom of the walk description, but you can view all of the photo’s from all of the walks in the gallery.

Please remember that the conditions on top of the hills will not always be as good as they are at the bottom.  Always take a map and compass and make sure that you know how to use them.  A GPS is always a good idea, as it can pinpoint your location.  However, it should not be relied on, as they can fail under certain conditions such as heavy cloud, tree cover and of course battery failure.  Because of this, if you are walking in un-familiar terrain or even somewhere you know well, you should always take a map and compass with you and know how to use them.  If you are unsure, check out the navigation section on this site or search the internet for it.

Also, remember to take the correct maps with you.  The more detailed the map, the better.  I always use 1:25000 scale Ordnance Survey maps when I go walking as I find them the best for me.  The smaller the scale (or is it larger, I can never remember) the better as it has more detail on them.  They will show all footpaths as well as field boundaries and other points of interest the larger scale ones won’t.  This will help with navigation when bad weather comes down or you get lost!!!